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Federico is a doctoral researcher within the Institute for Sport Business. As an entertainment industry leader and former broadcast journalist, he is exploring how different technologies can help the esports ecosystem to create more accurate data. Profile here.


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"What Esports Can Teach You After COVID-19" (IJ-CMXXI-601)

While the sports and entertainment industries plummeting in hysteria because of the massive lockdown and other prevention measures, the successful business forecasts around video-games and esports are more robust since late 2019, after the spread of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) caused a disease called COVID-19. Managers and the public needs help to understand the new opportunities open in the online world and distinguish smart strategies from those that are just quick spares. Quick responses must adjust the preferences of the general public, and it is time to consider the long tail of recession that the outbreak will cause if there is no immediate action. The esports industry put on the table core elements that the sports and entertainment policymakers, executives and other stakeholders require urgent attention, strategic planning, and implementation.

Technical Characterization of Esports

Journal (p.491). The Ibero-American Sports Economics Congress (CIED) is an annual meeting organized by the Spanish Sports Economics Society (SEED), which aims to become a must for academics and professionals working in the field of sports management and economics.

Fan Engagement That Works!

Seville University, 16 November 2022. Invited speaker. PDF Certificate.

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