Developing the esports arenas of the future

By Federico Winer, Carlos Delabarrera, and Nuno Guerreiro.

“Developing the Esports Arenas of the Future” explores the factors driving this explosive growth, the unique audience and how the e-sports venue of tomorrow will look very different than traditional sports facilities. Key design features explored in the report include:

Football in the era of the plague

Chapter author. By Walter Vargas.

"The present work declines all probative eagerness without for it to prostrate before the chit-chat that reigns in these days of journalistic canons in question. That which for decades tinged the relaxed bar gatherings, between peanuts and peanuts, sip and sip, is today a habit that, curiously enough, is not only openly spread: it is also celebrated: talking and talking because "the air is free". By Walter Vargas.

Covidnomics, The Book

Chapter author.

"More than 50 worldwide experts share their vision and strategy for the new world post-COVID."

Sport after the coronavirus: A transversal vision of the impact of the crisis on sport

Chapter author. Editor: Jose Luis Perez Trivino.

"The crisis generated by the COVID-19 that we have suffered and that, at the time of writing this book, is still hitting our lives has dealt a hard blow to all areas of sport, from the physical preparation - and expectations - of athletes, to the finances of clubs and federations, to the solution to sports competitions that have been put on hold. The difficulties of reconciling the various interests at stake (public health, interests of sports agents, completion of competitions, etc.) are obvious."