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A 10-year-old children consumes more than twenty hours of game per week on digital devices: "To understand their world, we must be willing to immerse ourselves in that world and make the most of that time. I have designed the Immersive Education Program as an experience to make the best of this situation!": FW.


Focus Topics

    1. Mathematics
    2. Literacy

Focus Competences

    1. Capitalise on their visual-spatial learning style by using multimedia tools.
    2. Help those students whose motor skills aren’t as developed.


The interactive nature of video-games appeals to students of any background and condition because of their visually appealing presentation and interactivity, that captures their attention and motivates them to learn. Because our attention span is much higher when we engage with the content and a methodology that generates emotions on our brains, we are capable to memorise and learn faster, overcoming obstacles easier, and acquiring fundamental competences for the digital world that we all live in.

This is the fundamental reason to impulse this video-games interactive program to teach students, complementing traditional methods and educational forms. The Immersive Education Curricula is designed it to allow students to progress at their own pace, with the option to redo activities and retake tests. Teachers and parents can track student progress and quickly identify problem areas.

Integrating Students

The program is particularly oriented to empower children with autism, alongside others without this condition to build a unique communication bridge, because of their shared interest on video-games.

Evidence in the last few years has suggested that children with autism may have certain cognitive strengths in mathematics; researchers found that certain parts of the brain in children with autism are activated when solving math problems, and that they tend to use different approaches when solving these problems when compared to students without autism.

Since Autism Spectrum Disorder is so wide ranging, there really isn’t one particular method to teach to students with autism. As with students in general, each child has his/her own preferred way of learning, with their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

Key Benefits

Controlled studies show that active video games increase motor, intellectual and physical capacities in relation with PA and education.

Licensing and Technical Requirements

The program is accessible for families and individuals from any economic background, thanks to the specific curation and expertise on the technical requirements for the tools employed:

No licenses costs

  • Careful selection of open-source video-games that can deliver this experience to the students.

100% compatible

  • This software can run on any operating system platform (Linux, MacOS, and Windows).

Environmental-friendly technologies

  • The video-games are highly interactive and attractive, but demanding low graphic resources. The students can use laptops up to 15 years old.
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The program is available for any stakeholder dealing with children's education. Get in touch to learn more.