"I have designed this exhibition about 40 years of football video-games as a tribute to the community of developers and players across the most popular passionate sport across the globe"

Did you ever wonder how the first football video-game was?

#EvoFootballExpo is a a tour of the most representative of football worldwide digital, with unique pieces from Europe, USA and Japan. It reviews the evolution of football games for 40 years, with more than 50 key games to understand the core of an industry which currently invoices more than the cinemas!

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Unique Exhibition Stories

You are still in time to play with them

The vast majority of games in this exhibition are available free of charge thanks to the MAME project. You can download them for free.

From simulation to management

Video games are not only a simulation of matches, but they also play the role of coaches and sometimes presidents.

The Gamer who signed as a coach

The Swedish Huseynzad was signed as a professional coach for FC Baku with the unique experience of playing years on his computer.

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#EvoFootballExpo is available for Museums, Schools and Institutions